Innovate the Future of D2C Ecommerce.

PhanThi Limited create, build & scale brands globally.
We need talented people to dive in, live and breathe with our core values, missions for the color revolution of ecommerce.

What we have & grow from the 1st step.

Assets across the world

Entering the market quickly with a lower entry-level cost, it's our goal for every business. We collab & build our assets including factories & warehouses in Vietnam, Germany and United States. It connects the supply chain to bring us strong foundation for D2C.

Customer centric mindset

With GenZ-ers, they prefer D2C brands over traditional retailers. We leverage all digital marketing & social marketing insights to understand the target customers and bring them what they value the most.

Top-notch Technical Stacks

All the best technical stacks are put together to provide the best platforms to support D2C ecommerce. Our strong team of technicians are ready to tackle any challenge of distributing our products from warehouse to the web-front

Who we are.

Founded in 2021, we witness the Ecommerce is step 1, and D2C ecommerce is step 2. Say goodbye to distributors and different price tiers, now the Brand can confidently sell their products from factory to global customers. PhanThi Limited aims to become a disruptive D2C brands that not only scale our self brand but aslo provide platform & services for other brands to grow, like us.

Here at PhanThi Limited, we're always on the lookout for talented and creative people. We believe that by empowering our employees and customers, we'll be able to create a speedy workflow and a happy environment.

Data driven

Data guides all decisions

Technological mindset

Find solutions based on Technological mindset

Challenge accepted

Accept challenge bravely, always be mind-opened


Give opportunities of decision for everyone


Seeking for Passion and pursue to the end

Committed to object

Committed to objective from the smallest actions

360 degree evaluation

Evaluate everything comprehensive and multidimensional


Become a worthy environment for happy employees to work

Customer centric

Always take the Customer as the center


Learning actively, pursuing goals drastically

Our Values.

Our core values are the key to establishing a strong corporate culture. They form our beliefs and provide guidelines for all of our actions.

Our Activities.

PhanThi Limited is a workplace for professionals who work hard and play hard. We not only believes in innovation and creativity, but also in the need to try new things, experiment, and fail. Our employees are encouraged to be agile and move quickly.

We work together and create a psychological safety workspace for each other.

Collaboration and teamwork are the foundation of our office culture, and we want to keep it that way!

Our team is full of young creative minds, constantly challenging themselves and accepted norms.

Creative & Comfort zone brings the leisure time at works.

A busy week gone by is the time for us to hang out with our teammates. Friends at work and friends at life.

Our Partners.