About Us


We are a team starting with three people passionate about making the world borderless since 2021. There's no need to care for who you are and where the products come from. Just you like it, you can get it next days. That's why we are building PhanThi Limited company with a focus on D2C ecommerce. We believe that it's time to say goodbye to distributors and different price tiers, no contracts of shop renting, no more money invested in shop decoration. Now the Brand can confidently sell products from factory to global customers.

We are a small and agile team who believe in the power of people. As an organization, we aim to foster a trusting and self-organizing working environment where each person can do their best work. We hire talented, passionate, and skilled people with high agility.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be the TOM brand for D2C ecommerce in Asia in 5 years and 10 years in global.

Our Mission.

To make D2Ce-commerce easily more than ever before by launching ecosystem with deep insights from a true player with at least 5 successful owned brands with revenue up to 100M within 5 years.

Data driven

Data guides all decisions

Technological mindset

Find solutions based on Technological mindset

Challenge accepted

Accept challenge bravely, always be mind-opened


Give opportunities of decision for everyone


Seeking for Passion and pursue to the end

Committed to object

Committed to objective from the smallest actions

360 degree evaluation

Evaluate everything comprehensive and multidimensional


Become a worthy environment for happy employees to work

Customer centric

Always take the Customer as the center


Learning actively, pursuing goals drastically

Our Values.

Our core values are the key to establishing a strong corporate culture. They form our beliefs and provide guidelines for all of our actions.

Our Corners.

Our Vietnam Factory

Our Office in Vietnam

Office corner in Vietnam

Want to be a part of our team?

We are looking for engaged employees who aligned with the company's missions and values. We believe this great opportunity could be yours. Apply now!